At Kristofferson, our preferred areas of practice include:
Commercial law
Legal Dispute resolution
Legal Issues negotiated
Property law
Contract law and negotiations
Administrative law
Government liaison

Our main focus is on commercial dispute management, commercial transactions and providing consulting and assistance.
Our business philosophy and approach:
1 Many commercial disputes need not necessarily proceed to litigation. When appropriate, and we consider it in your interests, we will suggest possible dispute resolution approaches and, if necessary, litigation.
2 You fully inform us of the legal problem you believe you require legal advice or assistance in relation to.
3 If you instruct us to proceed, we then focus on practical legal advice and assistance.
4 We want you to understand what effort is likely to be involved by you and us.
5 We encourage you to ask us questions.
6 Our fees are set according to:
the nature and complexity of your transaction or matter;
the nature of the legal approach you agree with us on;
the extent of the legal advice or legal assistance you seek from us in relation to your transaction or matter.

7 We define the work involved in your matter and give you an estimate of our fees and other charges.

8 If significant additional legal work is required you will be promptly notified. Then we will need to redefine the work and the estimated costs. If there are any unexpected or unforeseen complications, any extra work will be charged at a pre-agreed hourly rate or a proportionate part thereof .

9 If necessary, specialist advisors and practitioners are engaged.
10 We expect you to put funds into our account before we commence the work.